October 24, 2018.- The Andalusia Smart City Cluster has participated in the meeting held recently in Thessaloniki (Greece) by the eight partners, from different countries in Europe, working on the “Green Mind” project, within the framework of the European financing program Interreg Med, for the creation of networks and implementation of actions in favor of technological developments for non-polluting vehicles.

The project, which in addition to the cluster has the participation of entities from Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia, pursues the development of economic competitiveness and innovation in the green and intelligent mobility industry, through the strengthening of regional and transnational cooperation between companies, research organizations and authorities.

In the project, which has a budget of 1.74 million euros and will end in July 2020, the cluster provides the methodology for implementing the plan and transferring knowledge.

In the near future, Andalucía Smart City will convene work meetings with the companies and entities associated with the cluster, so that they can adhere to the project and take advantage of the business opportunities it generates.



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