The cluster obtains approval of 533,000 euros in aid from the Ministry of Industry for eight R & D and collaborative innovation projects

November 5, 2018.- Andalusia Smart City Cluster has obtained the approval, by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, of aid worth 533,000 euros for the execution of eight projects of Andalusian companies and universities in the field of R & D and collaborative innovation.

The grants, registered in the framework of the program of support for innovative business groupings (AEI) of the Ministry, will benefit 13 companies and two universities of the Andalusian community, which presented their respective proposals in the form of a consortium of several entities, among which is the cluster itself, which has been responsible for presenting the projects.

The president of Andalusia Smart City, Mariano Barroso, said he was “very satisfied with the result of the call, having increased by 60 percent the number of approved projects over the previous year and, above all, by serving as a motor to contribute to the growth of research, technological innovation and business competitiveness in our Andalusian community “.

The projects approved by the Ministry in its aid program cover various types of activities such as the structuring and digital operation of photovoltaic projects, the creation of technology platforms for management of industrial SMEs, the improvement of systems for use in air conditioning of high-consumption buildings. or the application to the public sector of the tools for collecting information through social networks.

Likewise, Andalucía Smart City enables the development of projects focused on the implementation of a web platform for water and energy management for buildings, in the application of technology for the production of vegetables with vertical system in smart buildings, in the study of solutions for the storage of energy from renewable sources and in the digital transformation of traditional supply markets integrated in smart cities.

About Andalucía Smart City

Andalucía Smart City is an alliance of Andalusian companies and institutions that work in the development of smart cities, understood as efficient, sustainable and comfortable, through the cooperation of associated entities, among which are private companies, universities and sector organizations , among other entities of the scope not only business but also of research, development and innovation.

The projects that Andalucía Smart City deals with aim to generate employment and wealth in the cities themselves by improving business competitiveness, promoting business opportunities and creating new markets, products and services.

Andalucía Smart City acts in the development of projects that revert to improving the habitability, comfort and quality of life of citizens of any Andalusian urban nucleus, regardless of their size, through R + D + i projects, with the aim of building better cities, with a greater degree of environmental sustainability and with a more efficient management of resources.

The multisectorial, integrative and cooperative nature of Andalucía Smart City brings it together with entities from different areas that operate in favor of cities such as energy, the environment, urban infrastructures, information and communication technologies, urban mobility or citizen administration.

The Cluster is recognized as an Innovative Business Association (AEI), by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, since May 2015.


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