ANDALUCÍA, May 23, 2018.-

The Andalusia Smart City Cluster received this morning the visit of the Vice President of the Cuban Computer Union, Tatiana Delgado, and Suilan Estévez, member of the Board of Directors of the entity, interested in learning about the innovation experiences launched by the cluster to try to replicate the model in Cuba.

The visit, which follows the one carried out at the Scientific and Technological Park of Córdoba, Rabanales 21, has served “not only to show our model of development as an organization in the form of a cluster specialized in smart cities, but also to explore possibilities for business cooperation with Cuba by our associates, “explained the president of the Andalusia Smart City Cluster, Mariano Barroso.

For his part, the general director of Rabanales 21, Juan Ramón Cuadros, also attending the meeting held at the headquarters of Andalusia Smart City, stressed the importance that in the technological development of a country involves the ecosystems that are created around the parks technologies and the dynamization of innovation through clusters.

Tatiana Delgado pointed out that “with our visit we want to evaluate the possibility of taking the figure of the cluster to Cuba and we look for experiences of this kind because it is an innovation instrument that supports the creation of the smart city ecosystem and it would be a unique experience in Cuba because there is nothing similar there. ”

“Our objective is to generate new spaces to boost the smart city sector and, therefore, as the ultimate goal, to improve society”, assured the vice president of the Cuban Computer Union, while at the same time she announced that “in a In the second phase, we considered the possibility of organizing a visit to Cuba to showcase these examples of innovation associated with the figure of the cluster, and encourage innovation in Cuba. ”

The Cuban Computer Union is a non-profit social organization made up of Information and Communications Technology professionals whose mission is to group professionals in the sector and, at the same time, facilitate and channel relations between its members. and the new demands of society.

The objective of this group, which has been in operation for two years and currently brings together around 8,000 computer scientists from the island, is to encourage the active and effective participation of its members in the development of the country.


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