ANDALUCÍA, April 18, 2018.- A delegation of 14 students from the American University Georgia Institute of Technology (popularly known as Georgia Tech) has visited the facilities of the Smart City Andalusia Cluster in Malaga to learn about the fundamentals and technologies on the that support smart cities.

In the framework of the Serve-Learn-Sustain program, Georgia Tech students, who spend several months in Spain as part of their training, have received a lesson taught by the Cluster in which they have made a tour of the main aspects of the sustainable and intelligent city, with the fixed point of view on the welfare of the citizen.

The journey has begun in the foundations of sustainable urban planning, in which the city is designed making the natural elements (light, water, wind, vegetation) work in favor of comfort, reducing the demand for energy to the minimum possible. Next, we have reviewed the application of these same principles in sustainable building.

Subsequently, a tour of the technologies applicable to smart cities was made, to finish by reviewing the different municipal policies that can be established to achieve the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, increasing supply with renewable energy.

Given the success of the initiative, both entities are already in talks to reedit this action in the coming months.


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