Create smart cities: sustainable, efficient and comfortable
Andalucia Smart City designs, develops and promotes smart – environmentally sustainable – cities for the efficient use of its resources and for the comfortability and for the comfort and quality of life of its inhabitants. The Cluster considers any urban area as a city, regardless of its size.

Generate jobs and wealth in the urban business community
Andalucía Smart City facilitates the creation of jobs and wealth in the cities by means of making access to smart city-specific public financing easier, improving business competitivity, promoting business opportunities among its members and creating new markets, products and services, thus making it possible to take developments and solutions applied in andalusian cities all around the world, broadening the markets and the opportunities for international expansion.

Base action on research and development
The Cluster supports its goal of making cities smarter on research and development as fields of knowledge and know-how that need to be shared among its different disciplines.

Collaborate and cooperate among sectors
Andalucía Smart City brings together different sectors, such as energy, environment, infrastructure, information and communication technologies and urban mobility, with a will to integrate andalusian businesses that bring value to the smart city project, all while collaborating and cooperating with the rest of members.